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Researching with Communities: Grounded perspectives on engaging communities in research

Edited by Andy Williamson and Ruth DeSouza

Researching with communities presents a range of personal and grounded perspectives from academics, researchers and practitioners on undertaking research in ways that promote and privilege the voice of the community, is respectful of local or indigenous practices and is culturally safe.

Most definitely not a ‘tick list’ for approaching community-inclusive research, this book provides grounded exemplars, guides and discussion about the experiences of doing research respectfully and inclusively. It does this by drawing on the perspectives of researchers and community practitioners and by providing a range of reflective chapters that explore what community-based research means in a range of settings and for a range of people. Like the communities in which they are grounded, undertaking research in this way is always a unique experience.

Audience: Researchers | Evaluators | Post-graduate students | Policy makers | Community practitioners

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ISBN 978-0-9556941-0-3

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Introduction [view sample chapter - pdf]
Andy Williamson

Creative tensions in the new community based research
Randy Stoecker

Engaging communities

Health and home place: Close contact participatory research with Gypsies and Travellers
Marion Horton

Is community research possible within the Western academic tradition?
Shannon Faulkhead, Lynette Russell, Diane Singh and Sue McKemmish

Overcoming obstacles to accessing participants in community health research
Alfred Joseph Banya

Community network analysis: Communications, neighbourhood and action (CNA2)
Peter Day and Clair Farenden

Children in communities affected by conflict and natural disaster in north and east Sri Lanka
Jaya Earnest and Robert P. Finger

Hearing the voices of service users: Reflections on researching the views of people from South Asian backgrounds
Cathy Lloyd, Mark Johnson, Jackie Sturt, Gary Collins and Anthony Barnett

The doors to Aleut orthodoxy
Don Wren

Research as a living partnership

Soulful research: Using an arts-based methodology to authentically engage with local communities
Victoria Foster

Issues in researching the health of Irish people in the UK
Paula McGee

Participation in health research: The need for a second mirror
Gaby Jacobs

Involving refugees in focus group research
Maria Higgins and Catherine O’Donnell

The Gudaga Project: Researching with our local Aboriginal community
Jennifer Knight, Elizabeth Comino, Elizabeth Harris, Lisa Jackson Pulver, Cheryl Anderson and Pippa Craig

NGO-University partnerships: Practicing what we preach
Claudette Legault and Madine VanderPlaat

The stranger within: Rethinking distance and proximity of the researcher as community member
Uzma Jamil

Recording oral memory: Views of Indigenous Victorians
Graeme Johanson, Kirsty Williamson and Don Schauder

Soalapule – The sharing of power: Reflections on community initiated research
Alison Greenaway, Jennifer Margaret and Robyn Allpress

Methodology and process

17 ways that ‘community talk’ misguides research
Bernard Guerin and Pauline Guerin

Direct qualitative analysis of data from digital audio sources
Andy Williamson and Ruth DeSouza

Researching inequalities: Lessons from an ethnographic study
Ghazala Mir

Lessons in research collaboration: Strengths Model research in New Zealand
Monika Divis

Researching communities with community participation in a metropolitan municipality in South Africa
Udo Richard Averweg

Blending commitment, passion and structure: Engaging cultural linguistic communities in collaborative research
Joanna Ochocka and Rich Janzen

Moving towards increased cultural competency in public health research
Lisa Gibbs, Elizabeth Waters, Andre Renzaho and Maree Kulkens

Innovative assessment of human development: The case of Bougainville
Jim Chalmers, Udoy Sankar Saikia and Gouranga Dasvarma

Using interviews effectively in Community Informatics
Larry Stillman

Engaging Asian communities in Aotearoa New Zealand: An exploration of what works in community research
Terry McGrath, Andrew Butcher, Yvette Koo, John Pickering and Hilary Smith

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Researching with communities is a double-blind, peer-reviewed publication. We greatly appreciate the assistance and support of the panel of reviwers:

Andrew Butcher

Asia New Zealand

Andrew Clark

Sydney, Australia

Ann Lawless

University of South Australia

Athena Gavriel

Wellington, New Zealand

Bernard Guerin

University of South Australia

Camille Nakhid

AUT University , New Zealand

Carolyn Nodder

AUT University , New Zealand

Cathy Lloyd

Open University, UK

Derek Summerfield

South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, UK

Don Wren


Donna McKenzie

Te Puni Kokiri, New Zealand

Donna Wynd

New Zealand

Fezeela Raza

Office of Ethnic Affairs, New Zealand

Gaby Jacobs

University for Humanistics, Utrecht, Netherlands

Ghazala Mir

University of Leeds, UK

Gilson Schwartz

Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Graeme Johanson

Monash University, Australia

Kerry Chamberlain

Massey University, Australia

Kerry Gibson

Massey University, New Zealand

Lance Laird

Boston Medical Center, USA

Larry Purnell

University of Delaware, USA

Larry Stillman

Monash University, Australia

Lorraine Culley

De Montfort University, UK

Lucia Dambruoso

University of Aberdeen, UK

Luís Moreno

Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Madine Vanderplaat

St Mary's University, Halifax, Canada

Maria Higgins

University of Glamorgan, UK

Marion Horton


Mark R D Johnson

De Montfort University, UK

Monika Divis

Affinity Services Ltd, New Zealand

Najma M. Adam

Northeastern Illinois University, USA

Natasha Maharaj

Unviersity of Melbourne, Australia

Nicholas Procter

University of South Australia, Australia

Patrick Baker

MindLogik Limited, New Zealand

Paula Mcgee

University of Central England, UK

Pauline Guerin

Flinders University, Australia

Peter Day

University of Brighton, UK

Rebecca Foley

New Zealand Customs Service, Australia

Rena Papadopoulos

Middlesex University, UK

Robyn Kamira

Paua Interface Ltd, Australia

Roger Ballard

University of Manchester, UK

Sally Nathan

University of New South Wales, Australia

Shannon Faulkhead

Monash University, Australia

Sumeet Jain


Theresa Liew

University of Auckland, New Zealand

Tim McCreanor

Massey University, New Zealand

Udo Averweg

University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Udoy Sankar Saikia

Flinders University, Australia

Uzma Jamil

McGill University, Canada

Victoria Foster

University of Liverpool, UK

Walid El Ansari

University of Gloucester, UK


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